leplan team

What do a Rally Driver, Rugby Player and Hard Rock Musician, have in common... Passion for wine!

LePlan Vermeersch team vineyard


“The Flemish School is already known for its great painters, but now we have a great wine producer! Dirk Vermeersch, former rally car driver converted into winemaker.” Guide Hachette des Vins

ann vermeersch

Winemaker, Rugbygirl & PartyAnimal

"Making wineis not difficult,making thedifference is."Ann Vermeersch

dirk vermeersch

Founder, Winemaker & Rally Driver

"A rally car driverneeds passion, precision,balance, patience,amethodical approach,takes calculated risks,makes quick decisions,and has team spirit...so does a winemaker."Dirk Vermeersch

sébastien barbara

Winegrower & Hard Rock Musician

"Choose a jobyou love, and youwill never haveto work a dayin your life."Sébastien Barbara

leplan winery

The LePlan-Vermeersch Winery (2.500M), with a total capacity of 500.000 bottles, equiped with the newest thermo regulated steel tanks, and traditional oak barrels for aging the GT wines...



leplan wines

The LePlan Wines are exclusively distributed via specialized Wine Stores all over the World, see Store Locator.

Grand Terroir - Gran Turismo

Récolte Sélectionnée - Renn Sport


Grand Party - Grand Prix

Small batches, Old vintages

Gourmet products from Rhone Valley

leplan locator

Find hereby the official LePlan-Vermeersch retailers all over the World, where you can buy our wines...

leplan & art

Labels designed by Various Artists for Limited Editions Magnum bottles...

Artword label made by Paul Howse with Raidillon corner and the colours of GT-Grenache of LePlan-Vermeersch

Paul Howse

Paul Howse is one of the head designers of Mc Laren P1 Supercar...

Freddandfiou personalized artwork label


Frederick Michielsen (Antwerp) is real Street Artist with a very detailed and colourful style …

Personalized artword plus painting by Ever Meulen with a car speeding

Ever Meulen

Ever Meulen is a Belgian cartonist, specialized in vintage cars...

leplan & sport

Sport related Partnerships with Leplan-Vermeersch winery...

Rally car being driven by Dirk Vermeersch


Rugby game sponsored by LePlan-Vermeersch


Sport Cycling team sponsored by LePlan-Vermeersch


Sailling boat sponsored by LePlan-Vermeersch at the beach